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Serie next3

Studer recently introduced new smart off-grid inverters that will be available soon on the market.

Soon we will invite all partners for training with Studer technicians.



Next3 is the new powerful inverter for off-grid, on-grid and hybrid installations. A 16 kW three-phase inverter-charger with 2 integrated high voltage solar MPPT inputs with 8 + 8 KW.


AC Flex

The exclusive AC flex interface can be configured as a second source or a controlled extra load.

All-in-one with built-in solar energy

O next3 incorpora 2 entradas MPPT de alta tensão de última geração para uma energia solar integrada de 16 KW. Os módulos solar e de transferência são opcionais.

Fully interactive network inverter

Includes an AC source with dual disconnect relay to the grid. This entry complies with the new regulations linked to the network in the EU and other regions.

All ready battery technology

The next3 is compatible with almost all 48V battery technologies. An integrated CAN-BMS interface guarantees a plug and play solution with communicating lithium batteries.

Next interface, the new door to the next ecosystem using nextOS

With the inverter-charger, we have developed a new comprehensive interface. A single, central user interface per complete system. The next interface is the new gateway to the next ecosystem using nextOS, an intelligent and intuitive platform for configuring, controlling and analyzing your system. Making life easier for professional installers and end users.

Compact for easy installation

Installation and wiring has never been easier with just one device replacing up to 6 in a typical installation.